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Thanks to everyone who made January 2014 our most listened to month since we started the show back in September 2011. Can’t wait to see how much Dual Redundancy grows in February and the rest of 2014!

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This week on the Dual Redundancy Blog (in case you missed it):

  1. Mike and David recorded and posted the first podcast of 2014 where they try and predict this Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards.
  2. We also provided a cheat sheet with all the film nominees nominated by the main guilds including the DGA, PGA, SAG, and WGA.
  3. David reviewed the double feature premiere of Community season five: “Repilot” and “Introduction to Teaching.”
  4. We shared the news that SNL has hired its first black female performer since 2007.
  5. Finally, we shared some great news. We are now on Stitcher Radio! For more information click here.

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2013 has been a busy and exciting year for Dual Redundancy! Relive all the podcasts, moments, and recaps from such a great year!



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"The Homeland Games: Catching Abu Nazir" (Comparing Carrie Mathison with Katniss Everdeen)

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