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One month ago we calculated your votes and revealed your pick for the best living actor/actress. While we recorded a results show podcast that revealed Meryl Streep won yet another award while Leonardo DiCaprio went home empty handed, we realized no bracket was complete without…a completed bracket!

So without further ado here is a completed bracket with the winner included. How did she win? How close were the results? Those questions along with how we set up the bracket can be answered here with our podcast special. Listen either with the player below or on YouTube.

After bracketing TV showsmovies, and actors what is there left for next year? Leave a comment below or tweet to us @DualRedundancy if you have an idea for next March when we let the madness take control once again.


Mean Girls turns 10 years old today! Here is special guest Danielle Amyot explaining how it is the most iconic movie of the decade.

To download the audio click here.

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Busy week on the DR Blog!

First, we have a podcast recapping some post Oscar drama, the premieres of ABC’s Resurrection and FOX’s Cosmos and the finale of HBO’s True Detective. We also explain our third annual March Madness bracket and recap round one.


Speaking of the bracket round three is under way! Who is the best living actor or actress? Vote so your favorites move on!


We also have another installment of Mike’s Survivor strategy blog regarding this last episode of Survivor: Cagayan.


Finally, we are pleased to announce that Dual Redundancy is back on ICTV…well sort of. All of our season two episodes are back online to stream and binge!


Dual Redundancy is back on ICTV…well sort of.

No, it’s not a new season but classic episodes of Dual Redundancy are now back on Ithaca College Television’s website. Relive some classic moments from season two when we aired all across Tompkins County (and to the world thanks to their live stream). These episodes include interviews with fellow Ithaca College students as well as the faculty of the Park School of Communications.

All the episodes can be found here in the ICTV Archives: http://ictv.org/archives/category/dualredundancy/

It is March and that only means one thing: March Madness! Even though we do not discuss sports we still wanted to join the bracket fun and make one for ourselves.

This year Dual Redundancy wants to know who is the best actor/actress? After round one some early favorites are gone including Dustin Hoffman, Denzel Washington, and Johnny Depp on the male side and Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman on the female side. Make sure you vote in round two so your pick does not get left behind!

Each new round of voting and the results will be announced here on the Dual Redundancy Blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.

To vote in round two click here. Only one vote per device.

While Thursdays usually mean a new podcast, this week we are taking the week off! However, we have plenty of episodes (50 in fact) to fill your ears. These include a Super Bowl special, award show predictions, and classic episodes from our ICTV days with your favorite IC professors as guests.

To listen you can easily do so by visiting iTunes or YouTube. Once there be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Next week we will be back with two episodes including a weekly wind down that may include House of Cards’ season two and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. We will also record our third annual Oscar prediction special! Stay tuned!